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Game Downloads

Here you will find a collection of game, graphics and multimedia related downloads that will provide useful examples for your programming efforts. The quality and difficulty level of these submissions may vary drastically depending on the ability of the person submitting them. These downloads may include Visual Basic Explorer originals or projects submitted to us by their authors. In some cases we may include material available on other sites when I find something exceptional -but only with the express permission of the author. The only exception to this would be public domain material. This is done in an effort to provide as complete a game programming resource as possible.

In the event that these resources are located off site you'll see the following icon next to the link.

Downloads-Graphics & Multimedia

12/04/99 It's coming -honest! I'm a little busy at work now so free time is at a premium but don't give up and don't forget to submit your samples!

What's Hot

DirectDraw for Visual Basic - The first in the DirectX-files™ series of DX tutorials introduces the DirectDraw object.


Free Game Art

Floyd's Art Very nice collection of 2D art by Floyd Yancey. Includes tiles and other items in original Photoshop (PSD) format. (3MB) new!

Game Tile Set #1 Excellent free game tile set by Hermann Hillmann(2MB). These and more tiles are included in the Character Pack

Male & Female Features a basic male and female 2D sprite in several poses. Can be used as a template to create your own.

Small WarBot A war robot sprite art by Hermann Hillmann.

Female Warrior A female warrior sprite by Hermann Hillmann.

Large WarBot Larger war robot sprite set by Hermann Hillmann.

Airplane An airplane sprite set by Hermann Hillmann.

Spaceship Star wars type spacecraft sprite set by Hermann Hillmann.


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