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Tutorials & Articles

Here you will find a collection of game, graphics and multimedia related tutorials. Most of these articles are Visual Basic Explorer originals or are reproduced with the permission of the authors. Where there are excellent web resources that we feel may be particularly helpful we will seek the webmaster's permission to reproduce them locally or link directly to them. 

In the event that these resources are located off site you'll see the following icon next to the link.


Animation & Drawing - Using The GDI 
Sound & Games - The Next Level 
Controlling Your Games - Mouse, Joystick & Keyboard

Doing Tiles in Visual Basic - Part 1
Doing Tiles in Visual Basic - Part 2

Game Programming Tutorial
Adventure Game Tutorial
Zombie Tutorial
Mouse In A Maze
Whack A Rat

VB PacMan Tutorial

BitBlt Primer


DirectDraw for Visual Basic
DirectX7 VoidMan Tutorial




What's New

DirectDraw for Visual Basic #1 - The first in the DirectX-files™ series of DX tutorials introduces the DirectDraw object.

DirectDraw for Visual Basic #2 - The next DirectX-files™ tutorials goes into a bit more depth discusses surfaces. Includes a sample project and a DX Helper library with some useful functions.



The Art of Designing 1 - Tooling Up 
The Art of Designing 2 - Team Spirit 
The Art of Designing 3 - Designing A Dream

So, You Want To Be A Computer Game Developer?

Pixel Manipulation with VB


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